This isn't for you...this is for me.


This isn't for you...this is for me.


This isn't for you...this is for me.


10 Years Since Vienna.

So, it has been 10 years since Melissa and I spent four months with great friends that became our family for a lifetime. We miss Vienna, terribly. But, most of all we miss our friends. We deeply regret not remaining closer to these friends after we came home and after we all began to move away. Well, I will reminisce later, but for now...

I have dug out our old stache/cache of Vienna/Europe pictures and documents. I thought it would be fun to begin scanning these in and making the documents available for all of our Vienna friends to see! Enjoy!

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More to come...


Life - Captured.

So here are some pictures of our recent time spent with Sara (my sister). She is a professional photographer, and must I say a very talented one at that! Enjoy!


Updated Pics of the Boys!

Here is a new PIXMIX of the Boys! Enjoy!

Kaelen and Kendrick scoring digits from two of the San Antonio Spurs' dancers...

Keegan is the future Michael Phelps...
The boys had their first adventure at Chuck E Cheese. Usually the places with the giant rats get shut down, but...

Kaelen and Kendrick sitting with their Great-Grandma Stickney (first time that she has seen them)!

Four Generations

Chillin with Papa Cracker

Hangin with Grams

Huntin for a Christmas Tree at Prairie Pines